Cheap Mig Torches are Actually Expensive!

In theory all Mig torches do the same thing – joining pieces of metal together. But, as any welder will tell you, it’s not just a case of pointing whatever Mig torch you can find in the right direction and hoping for the best. It takes decent equipment, and of course, skill. But This Torch […]

How to Select the Right Mig Gun

A question we get asked often is “How do I select the right Mig gun?”. With so many different ratings, specialities, designs and types, it can be confusing. We touched on this briefly in our Mig Welding Questions answered post, and today we are going to go into a bit more detail. Where To Start […]

Most Popular Mig Questions Answered

We’ve been manufacturing for the welding industry for decades, and we get asked questions about Mig welding all the time. Here are few of the most frequently asked questions, answered! Why Use Mig Welding? Mig welding torches are the workhorse of the welding world. One of the easiest processes to learn, ideal for a wide […]