Why Choose Parker FRK Series TIG Welding Consumables?

Posted on Mar 29, 2023

FRK wear parts are all purpose consumable parts used in addition to a standard gas lens body set-up.

With a secondary replaceable gauze set in the nozzle these set-ups have a wider gas envelope for better weld protection and quality results.

Available as Standard Ceramic and High-Performance Quartz. The system allows for a longer stick out of the electrode giving both better access into more difficult to reach joints and improved visibility.

Traditionally used when welding more challenging and exotic materials, the system has now become more widely used as a result of giving the welder a greater degree of flexibility from a single set-up.

The Parker FRK series nozzles can be used on all materials and processes (including pulse with quartz set-ups) and have a simple easy to replace front gauze set that pushes into place with a screen installation tool.

Here are three key benefits that the FRK Series provides:

1. Improved Access – Stick-Out
The cup shape of the FRK Series allows for longer tungsten stick outs, perfect for welding in tight spaces or at awkward angles.

2. Improved Visibility
The transparent Quartz TIG cups provide improved visibility, making it easier to see what you’re doing and improving accuracy and precision.

3. Improved Weld Quality
Improved Gas Flow: Consumables are designed to provide a stable and consistent gas flow with superior gas coverage, resulting in a cleaner and more consistent weld.

Our New FRK TIG Consumable kits are the perfect choice for all your welding needs!

Unsure on which cup is right for your application?

JZ Cups: Perfect for mild steel and great for “walking the cup.”

FP Cups: The most economical cup option with lower gas usage and great coverage.

BBW Cups: The largest cup available, allowing for quicker travel speeds and excellent coverage.

Parker FRK Series TIG Welding Consumables are designed to provide superior performance and make sure you’re getting the most out of your welding experience.

For more advice contact our knowledgeable sales team today or view our FRK TIG Consumable Catalogue.