Mig Liner Selection – How do you chose?

Posted on Mar 1, 2023

When it comes to MIG welding, your torch liner plays a crucial (and often underestimated!) role in the overall quality of the weld.

The liner is the flexible “tube” that transports the welding wire from the wire feed spool to the weld joint. It’s one of those components that you don’t even think about…until something goes wrong that is.

The proper selection and maintenance of the liner is essential for smooth wire feeding, preventing issues such as burn back and “bird nesting”, where the wire tangles in on itself. As well as impacting directly on the weld quality, this can also cause damage to the torch itself. And of course, there is the downtime required to fix the problem to think of too.

There are several factors to consider when selecting your MIG torch liner:

Material Compatibility
Make sure the liner is compatible with the type of welding wire you will be using. For example, steel liners for welding mild steel, and PTFE for welding aluminium.

The diameter of the liner should match the diameter of the welding wire. Too small of a diameter can cause the wire to jam, while a too-large diameter can lead to a lack of control. Small diameter wires are less strong, and so if the liner is much larger there is a tendency for the wire to move around and bend within, leading to issues with the feed and excess wear.

Choose a high quality liner that is flexible enough to bend and move with the torch, but not so flexible that it kinks or collapses in causing wire feeding issues.

Once you’ve selected and installed the right liner for your job, it’s tempting to think that’s it. But proper maintenance of the liner is also important. Clean the liner regularly by blasting air through to remove any debris, dust, metal fragments or build-up that can cause wire feeding issues. Replace the

liner if it becomes damaged or worn.

Choosing the right MIG welding torch liner is essential for smooth wire feeding and a successful, high-quality weld. The liner should be compatible with the type of welding wire, have the appropriate diameter, flexibility and quality. Proper maintenance of the liner is also important to ensure its longevity and efficiency.

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