Quartz and Short Gas Lens Cups

Posted on Apr 4, 2022

What are Quartz Tig welding cups, and why should you use them?

For general Tig applications, standard Alumina Oxide pink welding cups are great.  They are durable, inexpensive and they get the job done.  But for specialist jobs, there are a whole host of alternative options that can help produce a quality weld in difficult welding situations.  One of these options is Quartz Tig welding cups.

The most obvious benefit of using Quartz Tig welding cups is the improved visibility. If you’re working at an angle, the transparency aspect certainly makes it much easier to see what you’re doing.

But that’s not their only benefit, Quartz is extremely temperature resistant. This heat management particularly comes into play when welding in hard to access areas, where the small diameter necessary to fit would quickly overheat. In those tight areas, reflected heat from the weld can easily destroy standard cups. A Quartz Tig cup is a better  option for welding aluminium and other high temperature applications.

Of course we wouldn’t recommend Quartz Cups for every situation.  In many cases, a standard ceramic cup will do the job. It maybe that you can use a gas lens body combined with a standard cup and extended tungsten if you are just looking for increased visibility.  But, in situations where you need to access a difficult weld joint, Quartz Tig cups are the ideal solution.

Short Gas Lens Cups

Struggling with access to a tight weld joint? Why not try a short gas lens cup.

Short gas lens cups give better access than standard.  With the same bore and diameter size, you get the same great gas coverage, but the shorter length gives improved access.  An often overlooked benefit of utilizing a shorter gas lens cup is the improved balance, particularly when coupled with a shorter back cap.  The smaller cup weighs less, and the reduced torch profile when coupled with the back cap makes it even easier to manoeuvre into difficult angles and spaces.

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