Why Choose Parker FRK Series TIG Welding Consumables?

FRK wear parts are all purpose consumable parts used in addition to a standard gas lens body set-up. With a secondary replaceable gauze set in the nozzle these set-ups have a wider gas envelope for better weld protection and quality results. Available as Standard Ceramic and High-Performance Quartz. The system allows for a longer stick […]

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Suregrip One Tig

Flexibility makes life easier. Switching a torch to a different machine.  Adjusting a torch for a different application or angle. Extending your cable. Getting your torch exactly how you want it. We know a major pain point for our customers is change – changing up your set up to meet the requirements of a new […]

Tig Welding Top Tips

You’ve selected your Tig torch and your consumables, but that’s just the beginning. Here’s a few of our top tips for making sure that your Tig welds are the best possible. Be prepared Preparation is key to a good Tig weld. Unfortunately it’s not just a pick up and go situation – you’ll need to […]

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Quartz and Short Gas Lens Cups

What are Quartz Tig welding cups, and why should you use them? For general Tig applications, standard Alumina Oxide pink welding cups are great.  They are durable, inexpensive and they get the job done.  But for specialist jobs, there are a whole host of alternative options that can help produce a quality weld in difficult […]

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Which Tig Consumables should I use?

How to select your Tig consumables When faced with choosing TIG torch consumables, it can be confusing, particularly given the seemingly endless varieties and combinations.  Should I use a collet body or gas lens body? What size consumables should I use? Lets break it down. What’s the difference between a gas lens body and a […]

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Which Tig Torch is the Right One for the Job?

With so many options out there, it can be a bit of a minefield deciding which Tig torch you need. Of  course it’s tempting to go for a one size fits all approach and use the same torch for everything. Let’s be honest…plenty of us have been there! But selecting the right torch is key […]

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