How to Select your Torch Consumables – Mig Nozzles

Posted on Sep 27, 2021

In this blog series, we discuss how to improve productivity and weld quality by selecting the correct consumables. It can be tempting to try and use the same consumables for every job to make set-up easier. We explain what the different types do and how they can make your work life easier.

The overall aim of selecting the correct Mig welding nozzle is to optimize shielding gas coverage and reduce spatter while enabling access to the welding joint. Although there are standard style consumables which will perform well for a variety of jobs, a nozzle specifically designed for a particular material, access or job type, can make the task in hand easier and improve weld quality.

What Material?

Brass nozzles are ideal for lower amperage applications and will better resist spatter. Copper nozzles are better for high amperage applications and also those with a longer arc-on time as they cope better with the higher heat generated.

Which Welding Nozzle Type?

We offer all styles of Mig welding nozzle including cylindrical, conical, tapered, bottle and spot welding, all of which are designed to make access easier and improve performance for different jobs.

Standard style cylindrical straight nozzles are good for many welding jobs. They offer great shielding gas flow and are easy to keep clear of spatter. But, the large diameters can cause issues where joint access is tight. Here a tapered or bottle nozzle will offer better access and visibility. However, nozzles with smaller diameters are at risk of blockage from spatter build-up so there is a trade-off between access and spatter. Generally, using the largest possible nozzle diameter is the best option for reducing spatter build-up and for ensuring the best shielding gas flow.

The most popular nozzle is the conical nozzle. This offers better visibility and access over a cylindrical nozzle, as it gently tapers inwards and enables good shielding gas coverage. The conical nozzle gives a wider coverage around the weld pool in comparison to other nozzles.

However, although conical nozzles have better accessibility than the cylindrical type, they still do not have the accessibility that a more tapered/bottle nozzle can offer.

Mig welding nozzles really do play a key role in the welding process. Using the right nozzle will improve weld quality, reduce defects in the weld and thereby reduce downtime and the need for rework.

Selecting the right nozzle for the job will also help to increase consumable lifespan. As it is sometimes seen as such a small component in the welding process, its importance is often overlooked. In fact, consumables such as nozzles can make a significant contribution to the overall spend in the welding operation, and by using the right Mig welding nozzle for the job you can greatly reduce costs.

All Parker Torchology wear parts are manufactured to the same specification as the original manufacturer, ensuring reliability, longevity and superior performance. For more advice on selecting the right Mig welding nozzle, contact our knowledgeable sales team today.