Duragrip Auto-Voltage Spool-On Mig Gun

Posted on May 30, 2023

Spool-on MIG welding guns can take a bit of adjusting to if you are used to the standard MIG torch style. You may wonder why you need this extra piece of kit when a “normal” torch can do the job. Well, to put it simply, it’ll make welding with soft wires a breeze. Need more convincing? Read on!

If you’ve ever worked with soft wires such as aluminium, you’ll be familiar with the difficulties. The lack of rigidity means the wire can be easily distorted, making it difficult to feed. This can cause burn back, “bird nesting” and blockages in the liner. The further the wire has to travel, the more chance of these issues occurring. This in turn leads to downtime, damage to equipment, and of course frustration – there is nothing more annoying than having to stop start all the time! On top of that, if you are working on site, or working on an awkward job, you may end up needing to weld a long way from your welding machine further increasing the risk of issues – something that can also be a problem when using a harder wire too, or if you want to complete a particularly lengthy run of weld in one go.

Enter the Parker Duragrip Auto-Voltage Spool on MIG gun. This counters the problem by mounting the wire feeder on the torch itself, massively reducing the distance the wire needs to travel, and therefore decreasing the chance of wire feeding issues. The precise and constant wire feed allows a more consistent and stable arc, resulting in better quality welds and less welding spatter.

The Duragrip Spool on MIG gun has the added bonus of automatic voltage adjustment. If you’ve ever used the same MIG welding torch with multiple power sources, you’ll know the hassle of manually adjusting the voltage every time. It can be time consuming and annoying, especially if it’s for a short job. Not with the Duragrip Auto-Voltage Spool on MIG gun though – it automatically adjusts its voltage to match the power supply. So, there’s no need to manually adjust voltage each time or reconfigure power source wiring systems, making the process easier and more efficient.

Clever design features such as the ability to regulate feed rollers directly from the handle, a torch mounted control system, transparent window for quick and easy reference to moving parts, and rapid access for wire changes just make working with the torch that bit easier.

Every detail has been considered to ensure that the gun has the best possible handling, with a lightweight ergonomic handle, precise balance, and a knuckle joint to further improve manoeuvrability.

If you want a cost-effective solution for low deposition welding and precise control of hard and soft wires, coupled with ease of use and operator comfort, this is the torch for you.

Don’t just take our word for it though! For more information on our Duragrip Auto-Voltage Spool on MIG/Mag Torch range, visit our website