Making Distributors Lives Easier – New Universal System

Posted on Apr 16, 2024

Making Distributors Lives Easier – New Universal System

Distributors often face a challenge in supporting customers with their preferred welding set-up. The multitude of welding machine models, coupled with the variety of welding guns, make having the right combination and connector available on demand a headache.

Providing the right equipment when it’s needed is key to meeting customer needs. But to achieve this, you can easily end up accumulating an ever-increasing inventory of specialized torch to welding machine connectors. Inevitably you then find you don’t have the right one in stock! Add in the array of tools needed to fit these connectors and the hassle of changing them over. It’s clear this can be a pain point for welding torch distributors.

That’s where Parker Torchology’s Universal Connector Kits come in.

The Universal System revolutionizes rear-end configuration at the Point of Sale, offering effortless and time-saving solutions.

With its simplified design, Distributors can now easily switch rear-ends to different configurations, eliminating the hassle of complex processes. Equipped with a common gun plug connector, the Universal System ensures seamless interchangeability of all rear-ends, eliminating the need for any specialized tools.

Instead of carrying an extensive inventory of specific connectors, with its simplified design, distributors can easily switch rear-ends to different configurations, eliminating complex processes and saving time and costs. No more waiting for delivery of a specific torch, or needing to make complex welding torch set-up changes yourself.

The Parker Universal System features an innovative modular design, consisting of a common plug and a variety of connectors which adapt to fit various machine models. This allows seamless interchangeability of all rear-ends without the need for specialized tools. Distributors stock their core torch range plus a small selection of interchangeable ends, easily assembling the required torch at point of sale.

But wait…Welders benefit too!

The benefits extend far beyond distribution. Welder’s may need to work on projects requiring different machines. Parker Torchology’s Universal System eliminates the need for multiple torches or complex changes, reducing downtime and making life easier.

Streamline your Inventory, Save Time, Cost and Effort with Parker’s Universal Rear-End System.

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