Cheap Mig Torches are Actually Expensive!

Posted on Mar 26, 2021

In theory all Mig torches do the same thing – joining pieces of metal together. But, as any welder will tell you, it’s not just a case of pointing whatever Mig torch you can find in the right direction and hoping for the best. It takes decent equipment, and of course, skill.

But This Torch Is Much Cheaper – I’ll Save Money!

The cost of a Mig torch isn’t just the upfront price. And in any case, if a gun’s only selling point is its price, it will likely be manufactured with low-cost materials and inferior components to keep costs down, meaning that it is difficult or even impossible to replace them once they break (and they will break often!). So you might think, well, I’ll just replace my torch and components; after all, they’re cheap so it doesn’t matter. 

But, are you actually saving money? If you do the sums, probably not. Quality components usually have better construction and build quality, meaning that they are more robust and long lasting. One of the many issues with low priced Mig torches is that their low-quality connections loosen over time, resulting in reduced conductivity and increased resistance, which has a direct impact on your weld quality. Plus, the increased resistive heat can damage other components, reducing the lifespan of your now not-so-cheap Mig torch.

Surely I Can Save On Consumables?

High-quality consumables will last longer, so although they may cost more upfront, you might only use one contact tip in the same time as you’ve got through multiple low-quality tips. The costs soon build up.

Don’t Forget Operator Down Time.

If you really want to see the cost of a “cheap” Mig torch, look at operator downtime. How many hours do your welders spend adjusting and replacing components, or even the entire torch? How often do they need to stop because they are in discomfort from welding for long periods? How often does low duty cycle restrict the amount of time they are able to weld?

Our high-quality Mig guns are designed to reduce welder fatigue, enabling you to comfortably weld for longer and to the same consistently high standards, throughout the gun’s service life. Plus, our long-life consumables and components are designed for high performance as well as quick and easy replacement. 
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