Suregrip™ Logi-Mig™ Stealth

Productivity at the push of a button

A different seam, a different parameter.
Perfect parameters every time, called up directly at the work piece when required.
Suregrip™ welding tools,,
when productivity counts.
Wear Parts A modular approach designed to adapt prevelant market wear parts on a common neck and torch platform
Swan Necks Engineering polymer armoured swan necks for durability and insulation integrity
Control Modules “Off-Arc” for changing programmes prior to welding.
"Plug and Play" Triggers are microswitch controlled and “plug and play” in seconds. Available in standard and
extended options
Handle Grips Top and bottom soft handle grips improve torch positionability and welder comfort.
Knuckle Joints Small movements of the handle and neck are made possible independent of the cable assembly. A molded polymer cable support increases electrode support particularly on soft wires.

At Parker Torchology we believe in making life simple.
That’s why all our products that incorporate multiple switch options or machine control functions are designed around a point of sale configurability concept
Once you have selected the correct torch for your application, all switches and control modules "plug and play" for quick and simple configurability at purchase point.
The Parker Torchology system, the way to buy welding and cutting tools.