Suregrip™ ST

A Tig Style Torch Concept For Continuous Welding

Particularly suitable for positional, overhead welding and pulse Mig applications in aluminium replacing the AC Tig process.
Suregrip™ welding tools,,
when productivity counts.
Swan Necks Fully positionable and rotatable through 360°.
Control Modules Momentary and latching style modules interchange in a common docking port in seconds.

Handle Grips Large surface area soft grips improve torch positionability and operator comfort.
Knuckle Joint Small prime movement of the torch end are facilitated independent of the cable assembly.

At Parker Torchology we believe in making life simple.
That’s why all our products that incorporate multiple switch options or machine control functions are designed around a point of sale configurability concept
Once you have selected the correct torch for your application, all switches and control modules "plug and play" for quick and simple configurability at purchase point.
The Parker Torchology system, the way to buy welding and cutting tools.